Wednesday, July 31, 2013

the tug of the Yo-yo

We're about to get on our plane, and I felt like making one more post before we load. Every year it seems we are left with a question of "is this the last year?" And it is always hard to say good bye, because we don't know if it is forever. But this year I feel like we saw some growth on seeds we planted ten years ago and have been watered and fertilized so consistently that the plants are starting to grow, and the leaves are full of life and possibility.

My congregation gave me a yoyo before I left, to make sure I would come back to them...but I wonder if they also anticipated that as I feel the tug back to them, I would also see the future toss ahead. I would love to see the camp continue, the question for me is who might God also be calling to join us on the next journey? If you already feel God tugging at your heart, send me a message...we will see where God will lead.

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