Thursday, October 16, 2008

Movie Night in Policka

OH! MY! I'm speechless! this is amazing! You HAVE to read Jeremy's post about the Movie Night they just had with 20 people and an amazing response!
Click here to read his post Movie Night!
I just have to say way to go! He showed a movie that most churches would never show because of the sex, violence, language, and dark content. In the US most churches would never take the chance of showing a provocative movie, just to initiate conversations about today's issues. But Jeremy says quite accurately, "Where is there a better place to speak about violence, injustice and blame: the Courts, with their very human view of what justice and reconciliation are, or the media, with their overly sexualized and entertainment driven news copies? No, it is the Church." These are the conversations that have to happen, and power to him for having the guts to do it. I totally understand his awkward pain in showing this type of movie in a church, but the question is "Why don't we do this in our American churches?" What are we afraid of? What kind of people would we get off the street if we WERE doing this sort of thing here? What kind of conversations could we start?
PS Punk rockers in the church, talking to people? I'm just speechless still! Way to go Jeremy and READ HIS POST!