Thursday, August 29, 2013

Update on Egypt

Today I was so excited to participate in a webinar with some of our PCUSA mission partners in Egypt! They had some enlightening words for us about the situations in Egypt and Syria. 

In response to our American concern for the military ousting a democratically elected president, one of our speakers reminded us that Hitler was a democratically elected leader who took absolute control. He said that most Egyptians, Christian and Muslim, feel like they have done something that Germans were never able to do by preventing their leader to arrange for complete political control by his party. They feel like Morsi would have continued to use their constitution to make way for a Radically Islamic State which would persecute anyone who opposed the ideas of the Muslim Brotherhood. 

The mission partners encouraged us to continue in prayer for our Christian brothers and sisters in Egypt, especially in the aftermath of the destruction of 80 churches and orphanages by the Brotherhood last week in Southern Egypt. They are pleased and excited about the present formation of the government, and resolved not to react to violence with violence, but to ban together in peace and opportunities for dialogue.

They asked us to join them in their love of Muslims. "Let's not be anti-Muslim. We love Muslims in Egypt", most Muslims are kind and willing to work hand in hand with Christians. It is the most conservative and radical Muslims that persecute the Christians and anyone in opposition to their power.

Lastly they cautioned us not to get involved with Syria. They were concerned that just as the Muslim Brotherhood has controlled and sensored the media we receive in the US about Egypt, they might be fooling us about Syria.

What will happen in the coming hours or the coming days, no one can be sure. But the Egyptian Christians lift up their faith in the God who does control all things and will bring all these things to the good of all. God be with us and with our fellow Christians in both Egypt and Syria!

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Sunday, August 04, 2013

Sunday Morning Worship

On this Sunday morning I invite you to enjoy some of the moments from our Sunday Worship Services in the Policka Congregation. You'll hear our chimes piece directed by Marta Dusova, a special visitor who came to share her faith story, and "For Good" a duet Jacque and I dedicated to all of those who have been such a blessing to us in the congregation. Enjoy and God Bless you on this day of worship!