Thursday, September 15, 2011

More Worship/Bible Study Resources

Today another friend shared some more great resources with me from "The Skit Guys".  Click on their picture above to follow a link to a brilliant parody of The Office called "The Workplace".  I've never been very comfortable watching The Office because it is full of all of those awkward and alienating moments in life which we generally try to forget about.  The boss-like guy and his assistant in this skit really don't get what it means to be disciples of Christ...and yet they remind me of so many awkward and alienating Christians I have met throughout my life.  They mean well and they even quote scripture, but they just make other people hate Christians.  Surely living out your faith in the workplace looks a lot different than this, and the skit guys make that point loud and clear as a trumpet.  

This Sunday I'll be preaching in Stillwater, Oklahoma using our lectionary text from Matthew 20:1-16, the parable of the laborers in the vineyard. This is the one where they all receive the same reward, despite the fact that they didn't work the same amount. It's not the one where the workers kill all of the messengers...even though they may have wished to kill the foreman who doesn't pay them "fairly". Anyway, one of the messages within the parable centers around answering the call to work in God's kingdom. I won't be using the video for my sermon, but I can't help but laugh at this visual representation of those of us who get so wrapped up in pushing ourselves to work harder at serving God, that we miss the object of God's affection: those awkward and alienated creatures called human beings. Let it be a reminder for all of us with "beautiful feet", that no one likes to have someone shove a foot in their face. May we strive to be more like Christ who invites us to first share in humility by revealing the dirtiness of our own feet and continuing to share the living waters of grace with others in an effort to reveal God's beautiful handiwork and not our own.