Monday, March 27, 2006


Here is a picture of the Church and School in Policka.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

My Biography

I am extremely excited about going to the Czech Republic to teach English and build relationships with the youth in Poliĉka. I love working with youth and I am looking forward to sharing my culture and experiencing a new one. Most of my experience with youth comes from teaching private flute lessons. Over the past ten years my students have ranged from beginning to advanced and second grade to older adult. Two of my students have been Chinese boys that barely spoke any English when they came to me. I was challenged to creatively explain things in simple English and visual directions as I started their musical training. As they progressed on the flute, they exercised their English and improved their communication abilities. Now, the boy, who wouldn't say a word to me when he began, comes to his lesson excited to tell me about his week.

I also currently work with two other young adults to lead a middle school girls' bible study at Christ Presbyterian Church in

Madison, WI. In the meetings we play games and talk about life, the problems we face, and God. During these last two years, deep friendships have developed between the leaders and the girls, who began strongly divided into cliques. They now see the church as a community of support and church members as loving, fun, and cool people.

I have a degree in Flute Performance from

Oklahoma State University and I am currently studying music education at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, working towards a career in music ministry. Other ways that I have worked with youth include leading mission trips, tutoring students with learning disabilities, teaching in vacation bible school, and helping at various church youth events at Christ Presbyterian Church in Madison and First Presbyterian Church in Ponca City, Oklahoma. From 2001-2003 I also served as Chaplin (worship and bible study leader) for the OSU chapter of Kappa Phi, a Christian Women's Service Organization. This position prepared me for working with small and large groups while relating to people of various personalities, cultures, and beliefs.

My most relevant church history begins in

Oklahoma. I moved to Ponca City with my family in 1992, and we immediately became active members at the First Presbyterian Church. I played in the youth and adult hand bell choirs, sang with the youth and adult choirs, and went on several youth mission trips. I served as the Young Adult Delegate for the Cimarron Presbytery to the General Assembly in 1999. Also in 1999, I moved to Stillwater to attend Oklahoma State where I attended the First Presbyterian Church of Stillwater. During my senior year of college(2002-2003), I played and assisted with the Hand Bell Choir.

I moved to

Madison, WI in 2003 and quickly found myself at home at Christ Presbyterian Church in Madison. I sing in the choir that contributes to the traditional service, and I also sing with the worship team that contributes to the contemporary service. I have acted as lay worship leader in both services. I lead a bible study along with two other young women for middle school girls, and I help with monthly youth events. I was one of three youth leaders on a mission trip to Juarez, Mexico

in the summer of 2005. I volunteer with Interfaith Hospitality Network, a program where we host 4-5 homeless families in our church four times a year. I also help organize events for C-YA, a group of college students and young adults.

I have three main passions: God, Music, and People. Everything in my life points to my fascination with and love for them. Know this and you know me.