Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Be the Change

 This year has been unique for me, because the children who were in my youngest class are now becoming teenagers and at that age when they are maturing and opening themselves to discover their true identity. I saw many of them taller and looking beautiful, and they could all communicate with me in ways that they could not before.  They younger groups had children that I remember being born and growing to be able to communicate a little. What a gift to see the growth of these children and the growth of the camp.

In my room on Thursday we watched a video from Volkswagen meant to inspire people to create fun ways to change the world. You can watch it below. The children thought of problems they see in the world and made advertisements for fun ways to encourage others to act differently.

Essentially, this is what the camp is. We created something fun and crazy to help kids be brave enough to speak English and develop an openness to other cultures and in the end an openness to discover themselves and their neighbors. On Friday we watched a video based on the phrase: "Be the change you want to see in the world." You can watch that video here.

As the children wrote in their journals, we gave them the option to write "After this week, I would like to have an (open mind/open hands/open doors/open hearts/open eyes/open ears) so that I can..." I was surprised to see how many children chose open hearts or open hands.  They chose to say that they want open hands to help others or open ears to listen to others. On Friday after the camp and especially on Sunday, I spoke with many who were struck with an open heart because of our camp. May this opening of their hearts draw them closer to one another and closer to God!
Over the next few weeks, I hope to share more reflection and videos...we have so many! This morning I am writing from Prague as we are sharing our final goodbyes to the country and our friends today and tomorrow. Please pray for our safe return (on Wednesday) and for the continued spirit of openness we discovered with the children this week!

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