Thursday, July 25, 2013

Brave Explorers

The children have been coming each day with Open Eyes, and on Wednesday they definitely experienced the danger of having open hands. In one room they were doing trustfalls, as they learned to trust one another and lean on one another. In another they were baking American banana muffins, where their snack was to eat the muffins baked by the previous class...trusting their expertise. 
And in my room, we had an episode of Fear Factor (insert suspenseful sound effect), where they tried some "American" food. We chose Avocados, Red Peppers, Beef Brisket and for the scariest of all...gummy worms.  Now you may say, "Are these really American foods?" But the basis of our lesson was that America is full of a variety of nationalities which have shared their variety of food. I was amazed at the brave explorers who didn't like the avocado slice, but kept on eating thinking it was a race to see who could finish first. They left on Wednesday with open hands and an open mind to see what new surprises are in store!

Then in the evening we had a special opportunity for them to ask the Americans Questions and hear nice music;) In previous years, the youth band had played, but most of them have grown up and started going to school in other places. So, Pastor Tengler and I lead some hymns with our friend Madla playing the violin, and then Jacque and I sang some of our favorite duets. As we were singing "His Eye is on the Sparrow" I was looking around and saw all of the eyes they had made in crafts. It felt like God was watching over us in that moment, and I felt God filling our hearts and strengthening the bond we have together. 

Please pray for our health, as it has been physically demanding in the heat and with the hilly sidewalks. You can pray for the final preparations of our camp, but overall, please pray for the final themes of this camp. Friday our theme is Open Heart, and we will offer the children a chance to think about how they have been influenced by the people they have met this week or in previous years. It is a chance for them to think about what happens when we open our heart to one another and to what may be. Thank you for your support and I will post our final video when it is ready!

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