Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Laughter and liftoff!

Today I am headed back to the Czech Republic, and I did something for the first time...wait for it...my suitcase was a delicate 51 pounds! No extra bag and no extra fees! I just talked to Jacque and her baggage was an even lighter 47 lbs! Are we forgetting something or are we just at that point where we realize we can't carry everything to the Czech Republic and back!

As our plane was taking of in Wichita, the little boys in front of me broke out in hysterical laughter! It was their first time on an airplane and they were laughing themselves silly as they tried to sit forward and fell back against their chair. Their sister in the next row cried, "We're going to see Papa! We're going to we Papa!" I couldn't help but laugh with them and cry out in my heart, "We're going to see Polička! We're going to see Polička!"

If you're as excited as I am to see another English Camp in Polička, check back in the next 14 days to hear about our joyful and uplifting(as well as terrifying) moments!

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