Thursday, July 18, 2013

Settling in to the Old and the New;)

In our family, wherever we go, we seem to find the Pizza Hut and go there first to feel like home. Last night Jacque and I realized we have even found our "pizza place" in Prague. It's called Pět Pětka, "The Five Nickles", and we have eaten there every time we have stayed together at this hostel. It has a nice balance of Czech and international food, Czech beverages and fair prices. But we always get the pizza. You might think it strange, but they make pizza in their own way, with a light flaky crust and lots of fresh garlic. As we struggled to adjust to the new timeline, we got to catch up with each other and have some true "sister time", before we join up with our friends and dive into camp.

I started this morning with some Česky Chleba, true Czech bread.'s great to be in my home away from home;)

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