Monday, July 18, 2011

the strength of embers

English Camp 2011: Sunday Preperations


We have been bustling around as we carry the weight of beginning a camp with many new team players and many new responsibilities for many of us. One of my new responsibilities is being a pastor for our team and here with our group. I feel it as I care for making sure all of the volunteers are included and responsible. And most importantly, I enjoyed preaching in my church home in Polička on Sunday. I invite you to take time to enjoy these photos as well as my sermon. I will do my best to post later in the week, but many of the kids are posting on facebook, so feel free to join our group English Camp Policka 2011 if you like! I've been running on embers and adrenaline for the last 15 hours, so I think I will head back to my host family and sleep! Please keep us all in your prayers this week!!!

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Jeremy and Jamie said...

Thanks for sharing Kati! We'll defiantly be checking in all this week!