Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The story of Little Brother

The Skits for our opening program are following a fun interpretation of the parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15). We are telling the story as a reality tv show called “One Big Happy Family”. The main story is like the parable, but with a few present day imaginations. Yesterday the younger son (Lil’ Brother - Caleb) requested his inheritance in order to go to Hollywood and become a movie star. The older son (Big Brother - Our friend Philip) is faithful cowboy who stays at home with the family ranch. We wanted to add a female character, so we created cook (Curly Sue - Jacque & Klara), who gives the gossip about the family at the end of each show (episode) and testify to how the father (Big Daddy - Pastor Tengler) cares for the hired workers. Each day highlights one of the themes, but they also play into the whole story which will be spread over five days. Today's theme was persistence and we saw Little Brother working hard to become a movie star.

The coolest part is that we created a fan page for Little Brother on Facebook. He is listed as "Little Brother from the ranch". So feel free to search for him on Facebook and become his fan to see how the rest of the will turn out. Will his fame last forever? Tune in to his page tomorrow(Wednesday afternoon) to find out!

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