Friday, July 22, 2011

Giving and Receiving

Today we watched our final movies and they are amazing! Many of our volunteers stayed up most of the night to edit the films and add sound, subtitles and special effects. I think my favorite part of this years camp is that there are so many fingerprints throughout everything we have done! The Films accent the gifts of the children as well as the adult/youth volunteers--Czech and American.

In Snacks we played this game where they each got a bag of M&Ms. They could not eat any of the candies in their bag, they could only enjoy the gifts they received from others. So, they gave the red ones to people they thought were nice, blue to those good at sports, green to those who were funny, etc. At the end of the first game, many had not shared all of their M&Ms. I made them put the left over M&Ms in a cup, and no one got to eat them. We talked about how this applies in life too, when we don't share the gifts we have, then no one, that even us, gets to enjoy them.

This week was a constant sharing of the gifts of many youth and adult volunteers as well as students. They have been sharing so much on facebook, I'm afraid I have been a bit behind in sharing pictures here. As we tie things together and I return home, I will be reflecting more and writing about the camp. So many new and old friends stopped by today, and I have this strange feeling. I can't imagine that I have to leave here again. I am so thankful for all of my Czech friends and my American friends who have made this all possible.

Thursday's Skit;) See what happens with the two brothers! Friday's ending skit will be uploaded some time this weekend;)

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Bill said...

I am on pins and (straw) needles waiting for the next episode! I loved the last shot in the clip.