Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday with the Volunteers

This morning most of the team slept in to at least 10am and the others were too filled with excitement(like me) and woke up at 6am ready to get to work and start having fun. It was a long day for me and several others who helped to Černa Ovce(our church band) get set up. Jeremy has started to help us with sound and is doing a great job filling the gap, mixing it just like we needed. Jirka Švec(some of you know him) was there to help us too, as we were getting the equipment set up. Plus my Dad was there to lend his expertise as well:)It was quite a big endeavor though, because after the intensive rehearsal we started a big round of active and competitive get to know you games.
Saturday is usually our time to get to know the families that are hosting us and introduce everyone. This afternoon the helpers planned a surprise and ended up having an afternoon full bonding time. We began with making our own Coat of Arms on balloons and sharing with others the symbols that best described our personalities and what we enjoy. Then we split into teams for a quiz on Oklahoma and Czech history. After the quiz, we had a major strategy game to win the Battle of Polička. Each team had a General who had the map composed by his scouts and sent messages to the armies to attack and move his musketeer. I know, sounds confusing...we thought so too, and then we started playing and we all had a blast! What a great way to start off the camp! Then we went upstairs to share a light meal and socialize with our host families. To finish of the night, some of the youth went bowling and the "Adults" and older youth headed to the pub. I know in these pictures you'll see a lot of new faces, but after today, they don't seem quite so new to me. We're all having a great time getting to know each other. Tomorrow we'll start our work!
Saturday with the volunteers and our host families
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