Thursday, July 24, 2008

Follow the arrows

    So, yesterday I missed the daily blog post. Wednesday is always the most stressful, but once it’s over, it’s all down hill from there. Our morning scripture focused on the story of Mary and Martha, reminding us that as we go through this day full of tasks and activities, we should take the time to sit and listen to our friends. In the evening, Cerna Ovce, our band from the church, presented our Pokec(Chat Show) with Ann and me as their guests. They asked some great questions like, “Ann, was Kati a good daughter?” and “Kati, do you think that you have any qualities like your mom?” Oh, there were some good stories told in answer to these questions, but I’m afraid that they might be too personal to put on the internet
There was a great crowd, and I think what shocked me the most was that there were even people who would NEVER come Sunday morning to church. Sure we have a devoted group of volunteers that come on both Sunday’s(and have been coming every morning to the devotion), but there are still some people that I know feel strange about coming to a worship service. This chat show has a form which is a bit more acceptable.
Then last night, several helpers, my sister and I prepared the event for today: šipkovaná-The Arrow Hunt. The children have been learning from the Americans all week, so today we swapped the rolls and had a scavenger hunt through the city of Policka to teach the Americans about Czech culture. Each team followed arrows to special sites in Policka, for instance the park, the town hall, the Catholic church, and the Brewery. We had 10 stations and the Czech volunteers provided the task at each one. The whole thing was pretty demanding, lots of walking and complicated routes, but everyone had fun and got to spend some personal time with the Americans. Even those who got lost had a great time finding their routes and completing their tasks. Needless to say, we were all ready for the great lunch that awaited us today-pork, sauerkraut and potato dumplings.
This afternoon we took a trip to Zelená hora, a beautiful church with a mix of baroque and gothic architecture. Again the afternoon trips are special for us, because it’s time we spend with our friends, old and new. We have met so many people this week and heard many new experiences as we learn about life in the Czech Republic and the history of these people. I think we will all come out of this week with changed hearts and minds. It amazes me how every year we have done this, each time feels new, and every year brings surprises and blessings. ONE more day of camp and then the GARDEN PARTY!
sipkovana:the Arrow Game

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