Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Notes from leaving

So today I’m heading to Madison to see my friends Jason and Joanna get married, the Oklahomans are heading out towards Wichita, KS, and Jamie and Jeremy are heading through Germany on their mini tour of Europe before classes start(just like I did with Jacque and our friend Sarah Holstedt). This morning as I rode in my taxi, it took me past the Prague Castle and Charles Bridge, one last time, right at the perfect moment of sunrise when everything has a nice rosy color. I couldn’t believe my luck in getting to take a nice last pass through the city I love, with the glimpses of all the places I adore. It was painful to say goodbye to Pastor Jan as I got in my taxi and even harder as we drove away, but as I gathered my memories while looking at the sunrise, I was filled with thanksgiving for two AWESOME years. When I think of how my life and the lives of these kids would have been different, I no longer regret the pain which still exists in my hands.
Friday:Final day of class and weekend events
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I’ve decided to keep posting on this blog throughout seminary and maybe even beyond that. What started inside me in Polička will stay with me and my next journey is only a continuation of the first. Please keep this site in your bookmarks I previously had started a second blog called Ještě něco, and I think I will use that as a way to let my Czech friends know about my new experiences, and keep up my Czech. Můžeš tam se pojdivat a upravit můj čestinu. Ještě nemám něco tam, ale budu.
Here’s the final group of pictures that I didn’t get to post the other night. A selection from the last day of camp, Friday night garden/church party, Saturday Day, and Sunday morning’s worship. Like I mentioned in my last newsletter, I’m empowered by the fact that as I finish this glass of wine, another is being poured. Jamie, Jeremy, and I are all recieving the fruits of new wine, and enjoying the sweetness along with the freshness. We may not know how this new cup will taste, but we’re excited to see what it’s like. Please have patience with them while they are traveling, and they’ll be in contact with you all towards the end of August or the beginning of September, with their newsletter.
Praise be to God for his guidence, patience, and faithfulness. Thank you all for your prayers and encouragements this week. We’ll be in touch. Until next tím.

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