Thursday, June 12, 2008

Our Second Pokec

Our second Pokec/Chat Show was a hit. We had a another small, but good audience(10 people, if the host counts) with several new and some returning. Everyone had a good time and we learned a lot about our guest, Jana Galgociova, who some of you might have met at the summer English Camp. She teaches history and Czech language at the high school and most of the audience knows her quite well. We repeated many songs from last time, but sang a new song which some of you will recognize:) If you wait a bit, you will finally hear some English lyrics for your enjoyment. I know I'm a bit demanding when I expect you to listen to a song that you don't know in a language you don't understand. So here's a favorite of ours which I am pretty sure might be a favorite yours,
I think all of us have been really enjoying the form of this program, so I think I should share it with you, in case any of you are looking for something to do with your youth. We start with a song, then introduce our guest and ask a few beginner questions. We sing another song, ask about 4 more questions, sing again, another four questions, and then we sing a song suggesting that the audience use this time to think of their own questions. We open the floor for any questions and after this we sing a song which leads into a short devotion given by one of our band members. There's a prayer and we go in the "Show us what you know!" challenge. A few volunteers are asked to help the guest complete some sort of task or compete against them, something like this. Then we close with another song and someone gives thanks. They came up with this form, I only helped them along. They lead it, asking the questions, coming up with the questions before hand, preparing the devotion like I said before, and choosing the next host.

Our next Pokec will be during the English Camp in July. WOW! It's coming up so close!!!! The Americans will arrive on July 18, a little over a month away. Please keep them in your prayers as they prepare for camp. Jamie and Jeremy will arrive a day earlier, since they'll be coming from a different part of the US. They need your prayers too, as they prepare for a new adventure on the ride of life. If you haven't seen their blog yet, czech it out!(They've been doing some changes, so even if you have seen it, you might look again!)

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