Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ice Cream Party

We finished this year with a bang! Several kids, youth, and parents came for the end of the year Ice Cream Party. We had several activities, card games and football upstairs, jump-rope and chalk outside, plus Ice-Cream and Frisbee Baseball to finish it off. Another fun activity was the bobbing for apples. The kids loved putting their head all the way into the water. What a great way to end the year, having fun together.
Don't forget to check out Jeremy's latest post on Radost, as we get to know this new couple which will come to take my place next year. I hear they've been learning Czech and doing pretty well in there private lessons with the Dus kids at camp:) We are all looking forward to their arrival as well as our group of Oklahomans coming to teach at our English Camp in July.
I'm so excited about everything we have planned for the camp, July 21-25. For the next two weeks I'll be traveling, packing and preparing, but you can be sure that during the camp I will try to send an update with pictures every day for those of you who wish you could be here. We will have a new room with discussion and special guests for a sort of interview. Something else new, is that we will open our devotional time to any Czech who would like to join us. Plus, as you know we'll be having a bilingual Pokec-Chat Show with our band Černá ovce and two special guests, from the American team. I'm not supposed to announce yet who the band has chosen, but I think it will be a fun evening. Plus there are many surprises in store to share a bit of Czech culture with the Americans. Needless to say, I can't wait for it to start(well, only mentally, because there's still a lot to do).
Until then I hope you're enjoying your summer holidays and be sure to check back in about two and a half weeks, because the plethora of pictures will again begin to appear.
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