Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Week-beginning

English Camp 2007;
Saturday and Sunday
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On Saturday we spent the afternoon with our host families. Some went to play mini golf, some went to the forest and picked blueberries, and Jacque and I went to see Harry Potter 5...dubbed in Czech, believe it or not. I think we all had some fun experiences. That night we came together with all of the families and got to know each other better over dinner.
Sunday morning we got up early and came for church. For several years the congregation here in Policka has been raising money for a new organ. It finally arrived this week, and we enjoyed our first Sunday with the new organ, played by none other than my mother, Ann. I can't tell you how refreshing it is every time I hear the new organ. Jacque and I sang "His eye is on the sparrow" and I played flute with a friend playing violin. After the worship we had tea/coffee and then lunch and then it was straight to work to prepare for the week. But don't let me give you the wrong impression, there was a lot of work, but definitely a lot of play.

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