Thursday, July 26, 2007

Wednesday and Thursday--Getting over the hump

English Camp; Wednesday
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The Young King David told us his story about fighting the giant to protect his people and family, as we talked about kind acts that start small and turn out to be big. As the kids traveled around to the different classes they found very exciting activities on this not so normal Wednesday. Check out the Baseball games, the invisible bubbles, and the T-shirts!
I think Lindsay stole the show on Thursday, as she shared about her Lakota heritage in the Surprise room. You'll also see some Basketball and a fun craft where each of the groups made a plaque with a picture of their group. In the drama room we watched part of the movie Pay It Forward, and we talked about doing things for others and paying forward the kindnesses done to us. With the younger kids in Drama, we practiced mirroring each other as we would practice the kind acts we see others doing around us.
English Camp 2007; Thursday
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