Tuesday, July 24, 2007

First day of Camp!

English Camp 2007; Monday
click here to view--Day 1
Monday morning we began bright and early with some of our favorite Engergizers: 500 miles and Star trekkin’. After a welcome and introduction, we had our first skit of the week that talked about the theme for the week, Random Acts of Kindness. Abigail’s story(1 Samuel 25) helped us to understand ordinary deeds of goodwill that can make a difference. Then the students split into teams named after different US cities and they went to a series of station: Crafts, Drama, Recreation, Snacks, and the Surprise room. In Crafts they made their journal for the week, so they can write down things when it is needed. In Drama (my room) we played Charades with examples of acts of goodwill and then watched and discussed the examples in the Coke commercial with the song “Give a little love and it all comes back to you,” maybe you’ve seen it. In Recreation they played Four Square, and in Snacks they learned about the city for their team. The surprise for the day was a lesson full of new Energizers and dances. When each group had completed all of their stations, we all gathered back into the sanctuary for a few more energizers and Kerry’s News Report of the Day—Mother Theresa cleaned an old man’s lamp, and brought light back into his life.
If that wasn’t a full enough day, after lunch we visited a special castle, Nove Hrady. Many of the Czech volunteers and students came with us on the trip. We had a great time and saw some very interesting furniture inside the castle.
On some nights this week, Czechs host us for dinner, and we get to spend more time getting to know them as we share photos, laughs, and culture. Sunday night and Monday night the American was split into small groups and distributed to different families. Each of us has great stories and memories from these dinners and I know we’re all looking forward for the next dinners to come.

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