Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Calvin Institute for Worship

This weekend I'll be attending the Calvin Institute for Worship Symposium in Grand Rapids, MI with my mom, a fellow worship renewal enthusiast.  If you are interested, I'll be posting some daily highlights and pictures as a way of journaling for myself and the Columbia Theological Seminary community.   

You can also experience the worship first hand by watching some of the services on live streaming(click here).  This is one of the joys of us living in a technological world.  Here we are, going to an international conference with 1400 people from all over the world and our worship services will be broadcast all around the world.  

 Over the course of the next three days we will have a "feast" of eight worship services, fellowship with people from over 40 countries and representing a diverse array of denominations, attend seminars focusing on preaching and worship renewal, and discover new ways to look at worship and particularly the letter to the Philippians, all while trudging through snow with the promise of enjoying the Hotel's waterpark at the end of the day;)(Oh, the glories of the Northern Midwest!)  Other than that, I'm not sure what to expect, so stay tuned!

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