Monday, January 03, 2011

Beginning Again

Over the last few years, I've tried different formats and attempted to start other blogs. Lately I've been looking back over this blog and wanting to get back to my favorite time in blogging. It occurred to me that I still feel like I'm constantly encountering other cultures and new places, just like when I was traveling in Europe. So, the Blog has gone from Expedition English Camp, to Expedition Enigma: Trial by Seminary, and now will change to Expedition Life.

For it's in the everyday life that we encounter those sacred moments that turn our heads, make us think and change how we see the world.  When Moses walked past that burning bush it was probably the most normal day of his life.  Finally he had settled into a routine, taken on a normal existence, without worrying about political struggles or survival, just taking care of the sheep.  Then he took notice of a bush that was not so normal. When Moses took that step to notice the peculiarity of the bush that burned without getting burnt, he didn't know what he was getting into. He just saw something amazing and paused to see what he could learn from the tree. What if he had just gone on by? What if he had said, "Strange," and just kept tending the flock? What if I had just let the tree pass from my attention? Well, who's to say what God would have still used to deliver a message to us. And, yet, a life full of this kind of noticing the peculiar sacred moments, heightens our awareness to the voice of God and awakens us to the presence of God in our midst.

So join me in this journey, noticing life and taking notes on the peculiarities of ordinary life: Expedition LIFE

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