Sunday, June 03, 2007

An Unusual Experience

Čas pro neobyčejné zážitky
(The picture above serves as a link to the photo album)
Last night we provided activities for Policka's "Time for unusual experiences." During this festival, or exposition rather, people walk from place to place in Policka to get a sample of interesting activities. For instance the schools, the Gallery, Museum, and other places presented concerts or exhibitions that people can enjoy in 15-20 minute sessions, one after another. We chose to have activities for both adults and children. We started the evening with challenges for the children in the garden and a slide show with Tea and snacks upstairs in the church. After dark we changed our youth activities to suit older kids, and we played more active large group games like Ultimate Frisbee. Unfortunately, rain finally pushed us inside(because of the cold air), but we persevered and played some card games.
I have to thank all of you who were praying with me about this event. Due to busy schedules a this time of year, on Thursday morning, I feared I wouldn't have any helpers for our activities, but by that evening I had 5 definite helpers and on Saturday another 5 turned up! Oh, I don't know what I would have done without them! I don't know how it works out like this, but each time it seems like God provides exactly the right helpers that I need. For the Disco Night I had people who really liked to dance and could get the kids dancing. This Saturday I had younger youth that really wanted to be there and had a good time even though they had a lot of down time while they waited for people to come through to our attraction. Each one of them eagerly took charge of their activity and encourage the other kids who were taking the challenge. I think everyone had a great time, and God really had something fantastic in store for us.

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