Thursday, May 31, 2007

Interactive Post!

I wanted to write a notice to let you know the next newsletter will be coming soon, but as a combination of May and June. The July and August newsletters will also be put together into one newsletter. Many factors brought me to this decision, but in the mean time I have posted some more pictures. I think it would be fun to make this an interactive post. With my High School class we had a camera scavenger hunt based on "26 things: a photographic scavenger hunt." We used the list for May which I've pasted below. See if you can guess what we were trying to portray by posting a comment below the picture or here as a comment to this post. Some of the pictures turned out to be quite obvious. You might be suprised though, because some of the "things" or ideas can be hidden. To view the album, just click on the picture below. Have fun!
Camera Scavenger Hunt

May 2007 26 Things List

1. keys
2. dance
3. fold
4. soft
5. tangle
6. panoramic
7. truck
8. sparkle
9. nose
10. round
11. currency
12. electronic
13. large
14. fake
15. stop
16. feast
17. multicoloured
18. before
19. after
20. landmark
21. from the hip
22. front page
23. a difference
24. telephone
25. the number 9
26. sticky

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