Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Wind and Snow

Wow! The winds came through and our period of warm weather is gone. We have tons of snow just in time for our winter break. So, I'm just posting a note before I'm off to the mountains like everyone else in CZ.
To answer you questions, no one that I know was injured or suffered from the major winds we had last week. Some of the kids didn't have school on Friday, because we didn't have power for 10 hours or so and we weren't sure when we would get it back. I was really surprised with how quickly everything was cleaned. There were branches everywhere, but the roads were cleared pretty early in the morning. At times I had flashbacks from when my family lived in Charlotte, NC, and we felt the effects of Hurricane Hugo. This wasn't nearly as bad, but the wind was amazingly strong.
I, too, feel like a wind has swept over me, as I just finished our first term of English classes. There were ups and downs, but I feel like we ended on a good note looking towards the future. This month in the classes we have been working on numbers and colors with my younger students, team work with another group. With the older groups ,we've been playing games such as "Would you rather" and logic problems. When we start the next term, we will end the first week with a game night in the church with families from the classes and from the congregation. I'm really looking forward to the start of another term, that is after I have a good break with a good bit of rest. When it comes to my classes(and also to my whole life here) I still feel like I'm learning a lot more than I'm teaching, but I guess sometimes, that's just life.

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