Friday, December 08, 2006

ST. Nick and his elves, I mean devils and angels

This week I experienced many Czech Traditions. We made Advent and Christmas wreaths, baked cookies which will be iced and eaten in the coming weeks, and we celebrated Mikolašek(St. Nicholas) Day. On this day older children go dressed as St. Nicholas, an angel, and a devil and they scare children and then give them treats. The students even do it in school. I took a lot of pictures, but here are the best.You see, St. Nick has this book, and it tells who's been naughty or nice. If you were good, you get sweets from the angel. If you were bad, you get stuffed into a sack and taken to Hell by the devil. You can avoid going to Hell by singing a song or reciting a poem.Here you see some familiar faces coming after me. They did try to stuff me in a sack, but luckily, I know a few songs.

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