Friday, December 22, 2006

Meet Pepa; our Christmas dinner

Today we went to buy the Christmas Carp. Every Czech family buys a carp, sticks it in the tub for the kids to watch and play with, and then fries it up and serves it with potato salad on Christmas Eve. Mmm...I can't wait for the fried fish!
Christmas will be very different this year. We still don't have a Christmas tree, would you believe it? In CZ they don't decorate it until Christmas Eve. So Anna will get a tree from her father tomorrow(he always gives them a tree from his forest), and after church on Sunday morning, we will decorate the tree.
Maybe the best new thing, besides the fish, is the multitude of cookies and sweets. Every respectable woman, working or not, bakes at least 10 different kinds of cookies for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Mmm...Gingerbread cookies, shortbread cookies, cookies filled with jam, chocolate sweets, and so many cookies I've never seen before in my life. I miss brownies and chocolate chips, but I love rohlík cukrový, a sugary crescent-shaped shortbread-like cookie. I had plenty on Thursday night, because we had a party for my Adult Conversation Class. We had a special game of Dirty Santa. You'll never guess what I stole! An Ostrich Egg!! We will eat it tomorrow! More pictures and updates to come!

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