Friday, July 22, 2016

Go! A reflection by Charles

The word for the day is “GO”.  As we reflect on the last week of hard work, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, new friends and cultures, it makes me think of the poem “The Dash”.  Take a moment read the poem and think about your Dash and how you will “GO” out into the world next week, next month, next year.

The week was filled with great accomplishments that will be enjoyed by hundreds of people over the years as they walk up and down the set of steps that were created by a group of talented and dedicated servants from 1st Presbyterian Church in Manhattan, KS.  While this was a great project that made uslaugh, cry (I got a splinter), and smile, the question I have for the group is how will this change the “Dash” in your life. What interpersonal skills and life experiences will you take back to Manhattan to make the community and the world a little better place to live.  Use the experience of the week to think about what people will say about your “Dash” when the last four numbers are edged in stone.    

"We don't know how, but we know it has. Thanks, Charles, for all you taught us this week, and for being our Bernie;)"--from this morning's devotion.

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