Tuesday, August 23, 2011

JC's Pizza

Have you ever found something that your parents saved from your childhood that you're both embarrassed and excited to rediscover? Today my mom was cleaning out her office at work and found a short skit I had written back in college (ten years ago;) for use with explaining faith to kids. I think I wrote it originally for her puppet ministry…which uses a lot of puns, so brace yourself. I was shocked to discover how there are a lot of funny theological explanations in a quite basic and yet deep way. I'm not sure if it is for adults or kids, but I think either group would pick up on some things and just have fun in the mix of it. I think it perfectly describes my understanding of the relationship between grace and sin. Plus it plays with some explanations of the Trinity. Most of all, I think it's a fun way to explain communion and how through the bread and wine/juice we are able to partake in the peace of the Holy Spirit as we meet with Jesus at the table(or counter in this case). There are some things I would adjust after my seminary explorations and more experience with children, but I think it is worth sharing as it is--a snapshot of my understanding at the time of God's desire to fulfill our true hungers in life. So, here's a picture of my mother with one of the puppets they used in VBS to get you in the mood, and enjoy this skit with a joyful and thoughtful heart. Feel free to laugh, criticize or groan…I know I did;)

JC's Pizza

(Customer walks up to the door, sees a sign that says, "knock and the door will be opened to you". He reads it aloud, and then the man at the counter, JC, comes to open the door.

JC: Come on in, how can I help you? (as both walk to the counter)

Customer: Do you have any specials?

JC: You’ve come just in time for our Pizza the Holy Spirit Combo. It includes our famous Pizza the Holy Spirit, plus free breadsticks and Grape juice to fill your soul. It's the combo that will make you so full that you'll never go hungry again."

Customer: (after a brief pause) Grape Juice?

JC: Yeah, you could say it's kinda our gimmick, whenever someone eats the bread and drinks the grape juice they think of this place and my father.

Customer: Your father?

JC: Yeah, He really owns the business and used to run everything until he had me, and when I was old enough he put me to work for him. Now people come to me when they want the Pizza the Holy Spirit. Speaking of, would you like the combo special?

Customer: No thanks. What's the "Forbidden Pizza"?

JC: Well to be honest, it has a really bad after taste and makes a lot of people sick. Still a lot of people order it because they think, "Maybe this time it will be better," but it just gets worse and worse. I wouldn't recommend it. One of Dad's old friends came up with it, and knowing him explains why it's so un-fulfilling. After you eat i,t you're even hungrier than before you ate the pizza. I had one once, and I think I suffered enough for the rest of this town, even enough for the rest of the world. Trust me, it's not worth it.

Customer: So why are you telling me this? Why does it make a difference to you?

JC: I just don't want anyone to suffer like I did.

Customer: Thanks! Thanks kind of you, but I think I will just have a large pepperoni pizza for me and my friends.

JC: Okay, one pepperoni pizza (shouts to the back) One Large Pepperoni.

(Deep voice from back): The pepperoni has gone bad, try the Pizza the Holy Spirit.

JC: Sorry, Did you hear that?

Customer: Sort of, but I couldn't understand what he was saying.

JC: Oh, He said that the Pepperoni has gone bad and asked if you wanted to try the Holy Spirit Combo.

Customer: Well that's okay, but what about the Hamburger or Sausage?

JC(yelling to the back): How's the hamburger and sausage?

(Voice): Unclean, try the pizza the Holy Spirit.

JC: So what do you think?

Customer: I'm sorry, I still didn't understand him.

JC: He said the meat was unclean, which means it would probably go under the Forbidden Pizza Category, if you know what I mean.

Customer: Ah…I see.

JC: Oh, he also asked again if you would like the Pizza the Holy Spirit?

Customer: Um, what about the four cheese pizza?

JC: Well, one of the other workers left the special cheese out too long and they spoiled, so you know, unless you want a plain cheese pizza, you should really try the Pizza the Holy Spirit.

Customer: Well, we definitely don't want a plain pizza. We want something more exciting. OK, I'll try the Pizza the Holy Spirit.

JC: Great! (yelling to the back) One Pizza the Holy Spirit!

Voice: Coming Right Up!

JC: And I'll even throw in the Breadsticks and Grape juice on the house, so you'll have something to remember us by.

Customer: Wow, thanks. So, how much is that with tax?

JC: It's free.

Customer: What do you mean it's free?

JC: All you had to do was ask, then the whole deal is free.

Customer: Wow, that's very gracious of you! How can I ever repay you?

JC: Just go and get the word out about JC's Pizza and the Pizza the Holy Spirit Combo. And your appreciation is enough for me.

Customer: Wow, thanks! You really made my day! I can't wait to enjoy the Pizza the Holy Spirit with my friends.

(Man dressed in Red enters from back with pizza box and bag, and then leaves)
Customer: Was that your dad?

JC: Oh no, that was Pentecost. He brings out the Pizza the Holy Spirit.

Customer: Man, I was kinda hoping to get to meet your Dad.

JC: Well, I'm a lot like him. Pretty much knowing me, lets you know him. He likes to stay pretty incognito and only shows his face to a few people. But I know everyone will get a chance someday when the time comes.

Customer: Ok, well I better get going. Thanks, JC, this visit has really made an impact on me.

JC: You're welcome, I enjoyed it too. Make sure to come back and see us.

Customer: Oh, I will. I will.
(The End or the beginning)

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