Thursday, June 16, 2011


We are bustling with plans for the camp! Yes, if you haven't heard at this point, we are doing our 8th English Camp in Policka this year! Can you believe it? Even more amazing is that some of our Czech volunteers have volunteered to plan the curriculum for the camp and they are doing a marvelous job! They have developed a Movie Star Theme where we will talk about some misconceptions of the American culture displayed in films. Each team of students will prepare their own short film and at the end of the week we will share them and give a few awards. The city of Policka has offered to provide a showing of the films for the whole community during the week following the camp. What a wonderful cooperation between the community and the church!

Part of my preparations will be developing the skits and activities for the opening programs of each day. We will begin with a few energizers, have a welcome and announcements, and then lead into the skit. You will hear more about the skits soon enough, but until then you can learn a few energizers! This posting is mainly for the Czech and American leaders, but anyone is welcome to enjoy these videos! Just remember, we had fun making them, so feel free to laugh at us and with us as you take our tutorials.

Full video of shortened tutorials in order to guard against copyright

New: Paparazzi--Find the Superstar!

Rock Star/All-Star (Summer Fun)

Run, Run, Away/Cow, Cow, Lasso (With new added action!)

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Wow! I see you live, on the video :-D nice!! thank you