Saturday, February 12, 2011

Preaching before Presbytery

Tuesday I had my final examination before my own presbytery.  We had a beautiful worship service, everyone seemed receptive of my sermon, and they questioned me over the Bible, Polity, Worship and Theology. They voted to approve me for ordination pending my receipt of a call(in other words: offered a position as a pastor of a church)! I've made a video of moments from the worship service and posted it below. Thanks to all of you who helped out!  My full sermon is also posted below in a separate video.  In it I reference the Old Testament reading from 1 Samuel 1:4-28 .  So if you are unfamiliar with Hannah's encounter with Eli the Priest, you might want to watch the worship clips or read the passage here in preparation. Enjoy!

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Beautiful beautiful! How could they NOT pass you, Kati! This is definitely what God has called you to do!