Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A Whirlwind of Fun

Game night and Family Sunday
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While the Semi-hurricane Emma was blasting through Europe, we were partying at the Church, for what seemed like a whirlwind of a weekend. It all started with a Game Night on Saturday, where we took a trip to the school gym and played some fun big group games. Just before we were about to finish the power went out!! Imagine a room full of 20 kids when suddenly the lights go out! Luckily it came back on before we left, but we had a pretty funny(maybe scary for some) 5-6 minutes in the dark. Then we came back to the church and some of the kids spent the night. Again we had some problems with the power, but it just made it all the more interesting.
The next morning we had a family worship and our new band played a few songs. You can listen by clicking on the link below or in the side panel. I think they've really come a long way, and we're excited to see how things continue.
After worship we hung around and ate lunch and then went bowling with the families from the church (and people who tag along even without their families like me and Madla). All in all, it was an exciting weekend.

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