Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Multicultural God

I sang with a great Early Music choir last weekend. All of the people are from villages or cities within our region of CZ and they belong to our denomination. I knew a few of them before hand, but there were many new people who I didn't know and who don't speak English. Originally they asked me to sing some solos and said that I could sing with the choir too, if I wanted. Then when I said I wouldn't want to sing with the choir, because I thought it would be too much, the guy I was writing with misunderstood me(or pretended to misunderstand), and said he was happy that I wanted to sing with the choir too and sent me the music. I'm so happy for the misunderstanding, because it was sooooo good for me, my Czech, my soul, and my voice. I only regret that I didn't understand the whole theme of the concert until afterwards, when I was putting together the recording I had made. I sort of realized that some pieces had an Easter theme, but I didn't realize the whole program did, too. I was having this conversation with one man about why they sing most of their pieces and chorales translated into Czech, and he said it is because the texts are so important to them. I slowly but surely began to understand the texts, and suddenly I realized how much this really was a part of their worship. They weren't just there because they wanted to sing Early Music, but because this is how they worship.
I think it's so difficult to worship in a foreign language. Even in Latin, I feel like the meaning isn't as strong to me. And yet, as I become more and more familiar with the usages and the meanings of certain Czech words, I feel the beauty of worshiping in a foreign language, experiencing yet another way to worship our Lord. How Amazing is a Multicultural God, who loves to watch each of us worship in our own way and in our own language! And even more so, as the master teacher, I'm sure He takes joy in watching us worship in ways that are new to us and languages that are new to us, so that we might grow closer to our fellow brothers and sisters and so that we might find him in this place.