Sunday, November 12, 2006

Free Time

Someone might ask, "Kati, what do you do with your free time?"
Well, besides traveling, I would say, "I search for games and activities that allow me and the kids to have fun at the same time." Last week we played people Foosball, where they had to stay on a line, playing soccer like they were the Foosball table. Last night we played human bowling, where I got to tape up the boys, right when I had almost had enough of them, and then we threw balls at them. Seeing them upset, having fun, hating you and loving you all in the same moment, that's one of the best parts about teaching. Last night was the second of three overnights that Jan and I are having with the youth from the church. Ah, the chaos. Well, I'm off to Prague for a meeting. I just thought you would like this picture.

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