Friday, October 20, 2006


Okay, can you guess which of the mummies is me? Who said the adults were the serious ones? So much is going on, where to start…Ah, yes…We spent this week learning about Halloween and making decorations for our Halloween Party at the end of the month. Some of the younger kids made pumpkins, bats and ghosts, and the older kids drew skeletons, pirates, and many other “scary” things. I made up an Energizers to the Time Warp (adding monster movements during the verses and leaving the chorus the same), and we will do some Energizers at the party. Next week we will make some masks and other costumes. It seems like Halloween, Halloween, Halloween everywhere I look, but there are many other things, like an up-coming family movie night, grading home works from the high school, and getting ready for a Youth Worship in the church.
Last Sunday we invited the children of the two youngest classes to the church to say thank you and only two of them came. I was a little disappointed, and more so discouraged by the negative responses some of the parents had been sharing between each other and not with me. I began to think that maybe we shouldn’t be inviting them on Sundays to the church. Then the parent of one of the children drew this picture for me, and I saw the door, almost a shield, a door, and a window all at one time. We’re opening the door and inviting people to come. It’s their choice, and curiosity may win over in time, but they are not being forced to come. It’s only natural for me to invite them, because the music in the services is a part of my work in the church, just like the English classes. It’s their choice to come or not, but the door will always be open, and I will continue to invite them.

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