Sunday, July 02, 2006

Saying Goodbye

Well, It's been a long two weeks. My sister came to Madison on June 21 and she helped me with a garage sale on June 24 at my friend Joanna's house. I sold as much of my belongings as I could. Anytime I asked my sister if I should keep something, she said, “Sell it.” The sale went pretty well, and I earned around $225 by the time some friends bought my couch, chairs, and bookcase. Somehow I still ended up with a full van and mostly full car after we packed up this week. Now I feel like I didn't sell enough, but maybe there's another sale in my future.

I feel like I've been saying goodbye all week long. June 23 was my last day at WardBrodt and some of my friends were out of town this week, so I started saying goodbye last Friday and this morning was the last goodbye, as I locked my apartment door. Last Sunday I said “goodbye for now” to my CPC family. There were some tearful moments Sunday morning at church and Sunday evening at a party that the Evans family had for me. Throughout the weekend-plus I met with friends for almost every meal, sometimes adding extra meals when necessary. These people have loved, encouraged, and challenged me all throughout my journey in Madison. I'd say I miss them already, but I still feel them with me.
Czech out the photos from this week on my photo site(more to be posted throughout the week): the password is policka.

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